Celebration of National Sports day at DIMR

We are blessed as the technology today is at our beck and call; we can capture, enjoy & store almost each moment to treasure for a lifetime. We can watch any sporting activity or event happening at the farthest corner of the globe. But somewhere deep inside we all are sport to our almost passé sporting heritage & legacy our forefathers have left us behind. We still become nostalgic by recollecting those childhood memories of playing our hearts out with our friends with the unique, traditional games. At DIMR, we took this opportunity to bask into the glory of our outmoded treasure. The students & staff of DIMR celebrated ‘National Sports Day’ in a quirky way by playing our forgotten games like Tyre Race, Lagori, Kho-Kho, Langdi, hopscotch, dodge ball and many more. The moments are surely going to be imprinted permanently on everyone’s mind, not confined to the clutches of the camera clicks. #Celebration #NationalSportsDay#TraditionalIndianGames #ChildhoodGames #MBADIMR

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