Decision Science Competition

We are living in an era where we all are grappled with the uncertain circumstances, unprecedented events and unforeseen incidences. Decision making in these times have gained momentum. The ability to make right and crucial decisions at right time has become pivotal to sail through the difficult situations. Fortunately we have developed some wondrous decision making tools to help us find solutions to the lingering problems in our routine business and operational functioning. When it comes to the subject of ‘Decision Science’ in the curriculum of Management
program, we normally tend to focus more on the students struggling to understand the concepts and clearing their exams. But nobody cared to pay heed to those who love the subject and have fun solving the numerical to get that feel of ecstasy after arriving at the desired solution. Keeping this in mind Dnyansagar Institute of Management & Research had organized a ‘Decision Science Competition’ for the students of Management programs of SP Pune
University. This event was supported by ‘puneMBA.com’. To our utmost surprise, the concept was very well received by the student community. We received an astonishingly overwhelming response and witnessed more than 350 registrations. The students enthusiastically participated in the numerical solving competition.
The competition was graced with the address by three subject experts; Dr. Satish Ubale, Director, Matrix School of Management Studies, who addressed the participants on the topic ‘Thought behind the redesigning of the Syllabus and expectation from Students’. Dr. Roshan Kazi, Director, Allana Institute of Management Sciences, who guided the
participants on the topic ‘Future of Data Science and how Decision Science can help?’ Dr. Ranjeet Chitale, Associate Professor, PUMBA & Renowned Author, who guided the students on the topic ‘How to study and score in Decision Science?’ DIMR congratulates All the Winners & Participants from various Management Institutes
across of SP Pune University