DIMR   Organized  a  Seminar  to guide  people  about  the  Demonetization  of 500 and 1000Rs. Notes .

A number of professionals as well as common people attended the workshop with great interest .The panel of experts included renowned banking expert , Mr Vidhyadhar  Anaskar , alone with Mrs Apurva  Asaskar – Govardhan , Director – Banking  Saksharta Pratishtan . Who are  peoficient bankers , classified all the doubts people had in their minds.

Mr  Sagar  Balwadkar , Secretary ,SKP and Dr. Sajid Alvi, Director DIMR were present  for workshop .With an obtrusive buzz of  demonetization fresh in air, the common man wipes his sweaty brow on a regular basis – panicking, pondering  and ,many a times fearing the magnitude of this new policy . Pledging   to   erase this void in awareness, a seminar was organised to educated all participants about the demonetization policy in elaborate fashion.

Owing to the expertise of this panel, all participants of this event were left satisfied with thorough awareness about the effects of demonetization on our lives.