Digital India Seminar

In unison to the manifest resolve and proven credentials of DIMR in furtherance of the students, the institute had organised a seminar on ‘Digital India’. The sole purpose of this seminar was to give cognizance of Digitization, its repercussions & our preparedness, to the young generation who ought to be the inextricable part of the ‘Digital World’. The seminar commenced with an address of Director, Dr. SajidAlvi who very aptly mentioned about the pitfalls of getting hysteric while getting hooked to social media versus the rewards of constructive, rationale & legitimate use of it. The first speaker of the seminar Mr. Anil Reddy, Marketing Head of MNK Marathi Channel, took over the stage to beef up the audience on how desolate we would be if we fail to face the challenges posed by the digital technology and how obligatory it has become for all of us to riposte. Mr. Anil Reddy’s enthralling speech was followed by Mr. SumedhGupte, Regional Head of Business Standard, who just swiftly carried everyone down the chronicles of the past three decades to highlight the metamorphosis from non-digital to digital world and significance to constitute ourselves in the changing era. Lastly Mr. ImtihasInamdar, Creative Director & Brand Consultant was the one who brought up to the forum what lies ahead in the future. He emphasized on the job opportunities & how we need to be farsighted to culminate ourselves in countenance. A series of unceasing queries popped up by the students in Q&A session was evident enough to sense how much they were intrigued! #DigitalIndiaSeminar #MBADIMR #ContemporaryLearning

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