Diwali Celebration with Aniket Sevabhavi Sanstha

‘Diwali’ is a festival of light, happiness & prosperity. Is it the only prerogative of those who are blessed with the physical, human resources & could savour best of the things in presence of the loved ones? The staff & students of DIMR proved it otherwise & thought that this celebration should not be a sole privilege of the fortunate ones. We celebrated this Diwali with the orphaned, abandoned special & differently abled children of ‘Aniket Sevabhavi Sanstha’s’, ‘Om Shri Sai Residential Rehabilitation Centre for differently abled boys & girls’, Bavdhan. Our students decorated the place with rangoli, Diwali lanterns & balloons followed by a prayer to bring light & hope in everyone’s life. The boys & girls of a wide age group of 4 to 42 left no stone unturned to match the dance steps on some groovy numbers with the students of DIMR. A girl who won a volleyball bronze medal at Special Olympics World Summer Games 2019 at Abudhabi & two boys who won gold & a silver medal in the State-Level Table Tennis competition at Mumbai shared their experiences with sheer confidence which was enough to inspire our students to aspire & do more with the given abilities. The children were ebullient while playing the games organised by our students. Some showcased their talent with the stellar performances. The Diwali snacks and gifts shared with them along with some fireworks, worked wonders for those unadulterated souls, leaving their faces glow with happiness and the eyes sparkle with innocence. We all bought & pledged to light-up the beautiful ‘Diyas’ & ‘Candles’ made by these children, at our homes this Diwali. We left the premise reluctantly with positive energy & vibes, making many special friends & applauding the unabating spirit of Ms. Kalpana Warpe & her team for their relentless efforts and compassionate nurturing of these pure souls. We left…but with an unuttered promise to visit again. #MBADIMR #HolisticLearning#VisitToAniketSevabhaviSanstha#DiwaliCelebrationWithSpecialFriends #ValueBasedEducation

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