Fresher’sParty NOVATOFIESTA 2019

So what if it’s done & over? The idea is to never let the zest fade away. It’s been quite a long time of around a month when MBADIMR’s new batch was given a grand welcome in a fresher’s party ‘Novato Fiesta 2019’. But we do take a due diligence to keep our freshers perky & indefatigable always. We at DIMR believe that every day is a new day & everyone must begin de novo. The party marked with some stunning ramp walks, quirky riddles & games, astonishing solo & group performances. Some were awarded with the trophies, gifts, sashes & crowns; but for us all of them are ‘The Stars’, whose effervescence would never evaporate & are surely going to shine forever. The evening was sojourn but we all would reminisce perpetually. #MBADIMR #FreshersParty #NOVATOFIESTA2019

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