There are myriad types of people in our world and each individual is working towards the furtherance of their own growth – whether it’s knowledge, experience, financial status, etc.

In this journey of life, however, we realise that there is always more to do, more to earn, whether wealth or respect. There is always a driving need in all of us to outshine that image in the mirror yesterday, to deliver yet more, to acquire a little more. And we are aware that a few amongst us are those trail blazers, who illuminate in us that emotion, that desire to be more.

The *Sapiens* brings all these dynamic yet, awe-inspiringly humble personalities to share their life mantras and experiences so that we also learn and make our lives worthy every moment.

You are cordially invited to get inspired by the life journeys of our Social Changemakers, on the day of *Mahatma Gandhi*, October 2nd 2019.

Constellate with the benefactors, marshal for the cause of kindness, and be a part of this revolutionary, life-altering series named, *SAPIENS TALK!*

*Register:* http://sapienstalk.org/events/register/1