Project Report Format For Mba

Project Report Format For Mba
The report shall be well documented and supported by:

1. Executive Summary
2. Organization Profile
3. Outline of the Problem/Task Undertaken
4. Research Methodology and Data Analysis
5. Relevant activity charts, tables, graphs, diagrams etc.
6. Learning of the student through the Project
7. Contribution to the host organization
8. Reference in appropriate referencing styles (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago Style etc)

Executive Summary: This summary should cover everything of the project, all points of the project
report shall be covered in this section, such as what is the problem, what is the research
methodology you have undertaken, what relevant activities you have undertaken for it, solution you
have proposed, your learning from the project and what is the benefit to the host organization. In
nut shell, executive summary should work as snap shot of your entire project work. This summary
should be of minimum 2 to 3 pages.

Organization Profile: This point should cover, Vision, Mission, Values of the organization, details of
how it get formed, the products/services it offers, their working areas, locations, number of
employees they have, then, who are their competitors, what is their market share, what
certifications they have such as ISO, what are their achievements, in short all details of the

Outline of the problem/task undertaken: This point should be clearly defined; you should put
existing work processes of related functions of the organization. Minimum 8 to 10 pages should
spare for this point.

Research Methodology: I this setio dot rite all the theory of ‘M, just etio hat ethod/s
you are using for doing your research. Do not give un-required information in any of the point in
your research. Stick to your title and put only practical information, your project report should not
look like a ook, it should e pratial ad foussed o hat you hae doe.

Relevant activities: Statistical information of the organization (in relation with the topic)
Learning of the student: This section has a great importance in your project; you should spare
minimum 3 to 5 pages for this.

Contribution to the host organization: This point should talk about the benefits of your projects to
the host organization where you did your project. Here, you can write minimum 5 to 8 paragraphs.
References: If you are taking reference form a web site, copy paste the complete URL and time of
when you have visited that site/page. For uniformity, while giving references use Harvard style of
referencing (for you reference a PDF file is attached)