Empowering the youth with leadership Skills

       DIMR  And Crystal knowledge centre Organized one day Workshop with

Rotary Club of Pune Cosmopolitan  on “ Empowering the youth with

leadership  Skills ‘’

The chief guest of the workshop was Rtn .DR . Mahesh kotbagi other guest include Rtn Prof Sandeep  Sinha , Rtn Sameer Gupte, Rtn Makarand Tilloo . The workshop Divided into four different Sessions Consecutively on leadership , Communication , Personality Development And Stress Management .

Leadership –In order to become a good leader we should always be positive Leadership is all about helping people to help themselves& therefore we should analyze   our  interest  Qualities and prompt ourselves towards mastering them.

Communication –We have different perceptions about a particular thing  or person .It depends on our understanding .Therefore it is important to communicate a good listener .So listening with greater understanding is Required .

Personality is an important aspect of success .And in order to develop our soft skills by keeping us well equipped with  the everyday knowledge , learning new words everyday and observing the people and condition around us …….

Stress  The Problem of stress is very common in today s Generation .we Got to learn about the laughter  therapy which helps removing the stress from our mind laughter helps in Maintaining the internal happiness …….

These are the four Cores many people face problem in while seeking their career. The workshop   helped Everyone to deal with these  issues ………….