Teachers Day Celebration

It is said that the world is round and life takes full circle, making you encounter the same people again. But then this world is full of bigots who would like to be surrounded by the flatterers and would evade admonishers. When our culture and ethos teach us to be thankful to everyone who even does a little good to us, you would encounter many thankless people around. A teacher’s love, affection and concern for every student cannot be rounded off numerically or emotionally, provided the occasional reprimands perceived positively and in good spirit
for one’s own development. So in a teacher’s relentless journey of caring, sharing and giving, it gives a brief hiatus when some of his students try to square it off by making it from any corner of the world just to say
those two words ‘Thank You’. This Year’s Teacher’s Day celebration shadowed by the physical distance between
Teachers and the students, brought some respite by a pleasant surprise visit of some students, which proved to be the ice and cherry on the cake. Some of them taking off from the work & some rescheduling their client meetings just to show a small but precious gesture. After all what you need is to be gracious and benevolent to feel beholden to someone. What more a teacher would expect from his students? The celebration was marked with some fun games, antakshari, faculty performances and cake cutting with the students, following the norms of physical distancing and all safety precautions amid pandemic.