Visit to Aapale Ghar

In today’s world when families are becoming nuclear and most of us tend to be confined to our small social set-up, there are still many out there, living in solitude, in spite of being surrounded by people. But ‘How can the stars shine without darkness?’ Like a blessing in disguise there are some generous people around, who believes in the virtue of almsgiving, and ‘ApalaGhar Orphanage & Old Age Home’ is one of them, who are not only working hard to nurture the kids but also helping them out in building skills & capabilities so as to make them independent, responsible & employable. We at DIMR are always veracious to the values we speak. As a part of our annual campaign ‘Joy of Giving’ we tried to extend some support to this noble cause in the form of Story books, Encyclopedia, games & toys. The hope & stars in their eyes only invigorated us to do more. #MBADIMR#JOYOFGIVING #APALAGHARORPHANAGE

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