Webinar on Career Opportunities in Agribusiness

The whole world is gasping in the Corona Pandemic and everyone was startled to see the World's most fancied economy grappling desolately & topping the list of worst hit in GDP growth. All sectors including most of the core sectors nosedived except one that stood strong and in fact emerged triumphant with a 3.4% growth…Agriculture! A sector that creates around 60% of employment is opening new business avenues with a mercurial market, evolving customers & capricious technology. Day 1 of the 'Webinar on Career opportunities in Agriculture' was a sort of revelations unrolled by the speaker Prof. Iftekhar Khan, touching upon ample lesser known and disregarded but latent avenues in the field of agribusiness. It would be pitiful and
unfortunate of us if we don't capitalize on it with the bountiful resources at our disposal. An overwhelming response from the Agricos and other enthusiastic participants from all across the country made First Day of Webinar really remarkable!