• There is only one thing which can be done seriously, FUN !!!
  • @ DIMR we celebrate, we enjoy and we rejuvenate. Celebrating as Team, where there is no gap of “Student & Faculties”, keeping the ideologies intact, we know how to Enjoy Together
    DIMR Freshers Party 2k23
    The fresher’s day of DIMR students of batch 2023-25 was filled with dance, excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm, laughter, ramp walk, and happiness. It was the day when seniors and juniors finally bonded and united to celebrate being part of the college. Students were welcomed with great enthusiasm. The party kick-started with the Mr. and Ms. Fresher competition giving the freshers, a chance to display their talent. The esteemed panel of judges included Jennifer Anthony – A Tapestry of Talents Entrepreneur | Model | Digital Dynamo | Wanderlust Wizard | Food Connoisseur and Mr. Johnny J. – Entrepreneur, Model, Luxury Lifestyle Influencer & a Food Critic.
    Eco-friendly Ganapati Idol Making Project
    We did it! Our eco-friendly Ganpati project was a smashing success, and we couldn’t be prouder. First-year students joined hands with our Green Club@DIMR, and together we crafted beautiful, sustainable Ganpati idols. These idols not only radiate creativity but also a deep commitment to our environment. We want to thank our enthusiastic students, committed teachers, and the entire community for their support. You’ve shown that together, we can make a real difference! But that’s not all! We took it a step further. Stay tuned for more green initiatives and let’s keep the sustainability momentum going.
    Poster-Making Competition

    Our poster-making competition on the theme “Relevance of Gandhiji’s 3 Monkeys in Today’s Era” was a fantastic display of creativity and thought-provoking ideas.
    Our talented participants poured their hearts and minds into their artwork, exploring the enduring wisdom of Gandhiji’s principles. The results were truly impressive, showcasing the depth of their understanding and their artistic flair.
    As we celebrate their dedication and creativity, we also want to thank everyone who supported and participated in this meaningful event. Your enthusiasm and engagement made this competition a great success.

    Tree Plantation Drive

    Green Club @DIMR had organized Tree Plantation Drive on 19th August 2023 at Baner Hill. Students had enthusiastically participated and more than 20 saplings were planted during this drive. This drive was the mark of the Inauguration of Greenclub@DIMR as well as see off for the students of Batch 2021-23.

    Tree plantation is not just something that should be done once. Instead, it is a necessity, the urgent need of the hour. Planting trees is significant to protect our environment against air pollution and global warming. To this end, Budding managers of DIMR were actively involved in organizing tree plantation campaigns.

  • Farewell Party 2023 @ Safaa Banquets Embracing the Showers of Memories
  • Despite the rain showering down upon us, our spirits remained undampened as we gathered to bid a heartfelt farewell to our beloved seniors. The weather lent a unique charm to the event, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere that enhanced the emotions of the occasion. The meticulously planned farewell program unfolded amidst the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops, weaving together a tapestry of heartfelt speeches, nostalgic reflections, and goodbyes. The rain became a backdrop to our shared memories, reminding us that just as rain nourishes the earth, our time together had nurtured our growth and shaped our journeys. As we bid adieu, we embraced the showers of memories, forever grateful for the indelible marks our seniors have left on our hearts.
  • Mismatch Day
  • DIMR students celebrated ‘Mismatch Day’ on 17th June 2023. Students were urged to come out of their comfort zones and come up with new and creative ideas using their imagination and wear fearless fashion choices. Mix and match patterns, colors, and styles in the most unexpected ways to showcase their own individuality and break free from conventional fashion norms.
  • Guru Purnima Celebration @DIMR
  • In Sanskrit,’Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru’ means light. A Guru is a person who removes the darkness and gives us knowledge. DIMR students organized ‘Guru Purnima’ celebration as a gratitude and honour towards the teachers. On this occasion students expressed their views, recited sholaks and poetry on Guru.
  • Outbound Training Program
  • An adventurous and exciting Outbound Training Program for the students at Adventure Plus in Bhor. Students enjoyed outdoor, adventure, and challenging individual and Team Activities. From hiking to rock climbing and kayaking, these happenings helped the students to build confidence, develop new skills, and make lifelong memories.
  • Indoor Game Competition ‘Kridangan’
  • DIMR had conducted Indoor Game Competition ‘Kridangan’ on 20th May 2023. The indoor game competition comprised of Carom, and Chess which attracted the students in large numbers. Through these games students can enhance their tactical and decision making skills on the basis of tactics involved in playing these indoor games. Students showed enthusiasm and gave some stellar performances to kick off very exciting sports activities.
  • Cricket Match and Entrepreneurship Fair: A Fusion of Sports and Business
  • On Saturday 3rd June Students of DIMR organized a cricket match and entrepreneurship fair, which provided an engaging platform where students showcased their sporting talents and entrepreneurial skills. The event not only ignited a competitive spirit among the cricket players but also allowed non-players to explore their business acumen through the diverse array of stalls. This amalgamation of sports and entrepreneurship fostered a vibrant learning environment, enabling students to develop management, marketing, and entrepreneurial abilities while fostering a sense of camaraderie and fostering an entrepreneurial mind set.
  • Old Age Home Visit
  • Dnyansagar Institute of Management & Research Staff & students’ visit on 11th May 2023 to the Swarnanagri Old Age Homes at Baner, as part of our Chairman’s 75th birthday celebration , was a memorable experience filled with compassion, learning, and heartfelt connections. Our Chairman, Shri Ganpatrao Balwadkar Sir, and Director, Dr. Sajid Alvi Sir, graced the occasion with their presence. During our visit, the MBA students immersed themselves in the company of the elderly residents, bringing warmth, laughter, and heartfelt conversations. The energy and enthusiasm radiating from our students were met with genuine smiles and gratitude from the elderly residents. It was a beautiful exchange of wisdom, experiences, and joy that created lasting memories for everyone involved. Our MBA students exemplified the values of leadership and social responsibility through their dedicated efforts and unwavering commitment to making a positive difference.
  • Educational Field Trip @ Samparc India Balgram, a Non-Profit organization, Bhaje
  • Republic Day Celebration
  • Makar Sankranti Celebration
  • DIMR had organized a Grand Alumni Meet on 24th Dec 2022. Alumni Meet witnessed moments of reunion, joy, laughter and stellar performances from the MBA First and Second Year Students. This was truly one of a kind of event and students had put their best foot forward and truly made this event grand in every sense.
  • Fresher’s Party for MBA Batch 2022-24
  • What is college life without some fun…? Some dance, song and laughter? DIMR students proved they are no less than others. The FRESHERS grew up in between all the FUN moments! With attitude, confidence and style they walked ramp, displayed great moves and participated in many fun games on their FRESHERS PARTY at Hotel Sadanand on 10th December 2022.

  • SPARK 2022
  • The fingers would be raised or you would be praised, but whatever is the case you would be gazed. This is what the students of DIMR experienced when they set the stage on fire with their lively and stupendous performances on the third day of SPARK 2022.
    The third day of the event organized by the students of DIMR was celebrated as Cultural Day with some memorable anecdotes and monumental performances by the students.
    Leaving behind the distressing memories of Covid and living the present moment was the much needed thing for the students to do, and the students lived these moments vivaciously.
    The effervescent solo and group dance performances set the stage on fire and audiences grooving, the beautiful singing performances mesmerised some and made others clap and tap their feet, the creativity of some students through their beautiful Rangoli astonished all, the stand-up comedy performances spread giggles among the audiences, the fashion show with a ‘Retro’ dress theme laced with some wonderful dialogue deliveries and the signature dance steps of the yesteryear actors set the right atmosphere of the Golden era and the fish ponds read intermittently by the hosts tickled the funny bones of the audiences.
    The day definitely is going to be cherished by the performers, organisers and audiences for their lifetime.

  • Outbound Adventure Training Program
  • “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing,” said Helen Keller.
    DIMR had organized an Outbound Adventure Training Program at Kamet Adventures. The place is seated in the lap of nature and surrounded by lush greenery and breath-taking views of cascading waterfalls and Andra Lake.
    Outbound Adventure Program had activities like Trekking, Rappelling, and splendid views of waterfall. Students thoroughly enjoyed stepping in nature and pushing their limits with adventure activities.
    Kamet Adventures is run by Mr. Rajesh Patade, an Everester & Shiv Chatrapati Award Winner”. He shared his inspiring story of summiting to the highest peak in the world- The Mount Everest and also the learnings from Mountaineering with our students. He took students through the Art Gallery and shared various peaks he has climbed.

  • Entrepreneurial Bazaar
  • Entrepreneurs can’t be created merely by classroom trainings, by listening to success stories or just by learning from someone’s failure. He has to falter and rise again, sometimes he needs to crawl to glide again and he might have to bow out and conquer again.
    Entrepreneurs often learn true lessons of business and entrepreneurship by experiencing it pragmatically.
    The MBA students of DIMR, organized an ‘Entrepreneurial Bazaar’ in the campus and got some hands-on exposure to entrepreneurship. They got to learn multiple facets of entrepreneurship right from forming a right team with shared goals and vision; resource organization, allocation and optimum utilization; to identifying, tapping, tuning in and connecting with the varied audiences.
    They played gimmicks, strategized, performed, countered and competed with each other and laughed together too.
    The biggest learning for them was the realization that there lies a stupendous potential in each one of them, the sky of opportunities is unlimited and the market is mammoth, always making a space to accommodate the one who put in his will, wisdom, knowledge, intellect, heart and soul into his dream.

  • Blood Donation Camp
  • We are a country of more than 1400 Million population but the irony is that we still face a deficit of around 35 Million bottles of blood every year. This is even more surprising when we are revered as a nation of hospitable and compassionate people. DIMR celebrated the 35th Foundation Day of Shri Khanderai Pratishthan with a Blood Donation Camp for Moraya Blood Bank. The students and staff voluntarily participated in the blood donation drive and experienced the ‘Joy of Giving’.
  • Fresher’sParty NOVATOFIESTA 2019
  • So what if it’s done & over? The idea is to never let the zest fade away. It’s been quite a long time of around a month when MBADIMR’s new batch was given a grand welcome in a fresher’s party ‘Novato Fiesta 2019’. But we do take a due diligence to keep our freshers perky & indefatigable always. We at DIMR believe that every day is a new day & everyone must begin de novo. The party marked with some stunning ramp walks, quirky riddles & games, astonishing solo & group performances. Some were awarded with the trophies, gifts, sashes & crowns; but for us all of them are ‘The Stars’, whose effervescence would never evaporate & are surely going to shine forever. The evening was sojourn but we all would reminisce perpetually. #MBADIMR #FreshersParty #NOVATOFIESTA 2019

  • Celebration of National Sports day at DIMR
  • We are blessed as the technology today is at our beck and call; we can capture, enjoy & store almost each moment to treasure for a lifetime. We can watch any sporting activity or event happening at the farthest corner of the globe. But somewhere deep inside we all are sport to our almost passé sporting heritage & legacy our forefathers have left us behind. We still become nostalgic by recollecting those childhood memories of playing our hearts out with our friends with the unique, traditional games. At DIMR, we took this opportunity to bask into the glory of our outmoded treasure. The students & staff of DIMR celebrated ‘National Sports Day’ in a quirky way by playing our forgotten games like Tyre Race, Lagori, Kho-Kho, Langdi, hopscotch, dodge ball and many more. The moments are surely going to be imprinted permanently on everyone’s mind, not confined to the clutches of the camera clicks. #Celebration #NationalSportsDay#TraditionalIndianGames #ChildhoodGames #MBADIMR

  • Teachers students day out
  • Why can’t teachers & students have fun together? Education could never be cramped within the four walls of the school & learning should never be at the mercy of exiguous resources. Sometimes it’s better for the teachers to be complaisant and relinquish their role of being authoritative & priggish. It feels wonderful when teachers just ‘Let it happen’ by the students for ‘Self-Supervised Learning’.
    A Day out of the teachers and students of DIMR, started by watching a Movie ‘Mission Mangal’, followed by lunch and a visit to Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Katraj. It was proposed, planned, organised and well executed & controlled by the students. What is management after all? #MBADIMR #TEACHERSTUDENTSDAYOUT

  • Dahihandi
  • We at DIMR know no man-made boundaries when it comes to the ardour of festivities. We have no predilection when it comes to the jollification for values, harmony, camaraderie, kinship, solidarity & unity. We believe in ‘Oneness’. As like all festivals, our students and staff celebrated ‘Dahihandi’ with same fervor, spreading the message of Love. #Dahihandi #MBADIMR

  • Legacy is not what’s left tomorrow when you are gone. It’s what you give, create, impact and contribute today while you are here that then happens to live on.
    #DIMR celebrates its legacy and commendable success achieved by its Alumni since its inception in 2008. 10 years ago, the journey that started with the vision of building a class apart institute and commitment to provide world-class education came to a full circle as our Alumni shared their success stories and their journey at #DIMR. Nothing was achieved overnight but the support, attachment and values imparted by #DIMR to its then students now achievers in their respective fields in true sense reflects what #holisticlearning can do or achieve. Journey of 10 years since 2008 has humbled us while actualizing dreams of young minds, what education and effort can do is truly amazing.
    The evening felicitated our Alumni’s in the hands of Dr. Sagar Balwadkar Sir and Dr. Sajid Alvi Sir.
    Rahul Metkar, Founder Entrepreneur Batch 2008-10
    Bhushan Borkar, International Business, Batch 2008-10
    Rajesh Mhaske, Team Lead Infosys, Batch 2008-10
    Pandurang D, Team Lead Infosys, Batch 2011-13
    Rupesh Kala, ASM Flamingo, Batch 2011-13
    Ashutosh Gawande, ASM Vilas Javdekar developers, Batch 2011-13
    Rasika D, HR Wipro, Batch 2014-16
    Shehnaz Choudhary, HOD Sterling Hospital, Batch 2014-16

  • Farewell 2019
  • Dahi Handi 2018
  • Creating a human pyramid working with each other #DIMR students on the occasion of Krishna Janmastami celebrated Dahi Handi, while learning team work and cooperation.

  • Teachers Day 2018
  • Little gestures speak a lot and every thank you goes a long way. #DIMR students expressed their love and gratitude to their beloved teachers through a beautiful fun filled evening celebrated with songs, dance and games. It brought together the spirit of happiness and learning on the same platform.

  • Freshers Party 2018
  • What is college life without some fun…? Some dance, song and laughter? DIMR students proved they are no less than others. With attitude, confidence and style they walked ramp, displayed great moves and participated in many fun games on their FRESHERS PARTY at Hotel Sadanand.”

  • Freshers_2015
  • Farewell_2015
  • SKP Rolling Trophy
  • Flair_2015
  • Balewadi Idol
  • Rakesh Chaurasia live concert
  • YUVAN_2014
  • Percussion
  • Paani puri competition
  • Farewell_2014
  • Flair_2014
  • Flair_2013
  • Holi Celebration